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Premier Pet Lodge - Guest Policies


*By booking a reservation or appointment, and/or checking in your pet at Premier Pet Lodge, you agree to the following Guest Policies.*

At Premier Pet Lodge your pet’s health and safety is our #1 concern. Prior to your pet’s arrival for ANY service, Premier Pet Lodge must have a formal vaccination record from a licensed veterinarian indicating that your pet is up to date on the following vaccinations:



- Rabies

- Bordetella

- Distemper/Parvo

*ALL vaccines must be given at least 7 days prior to arrival for ANY SERVICE at Premier Pet Lodge. *



- Rabies


*ALL vaccines must be given at least 7 days prior to arrival for ANY SERVICE at Premier Pet Lodge. *



General Health: All pets must be in good general health to visit Premier Pet Lodge. Premier Pet Lodge will not accept pets exhibiting signs of serious illness, pets with contagious viruses or parasites, or any pet we feel may need veterinary care or supervision. We will accept diabetic animals. You must provide all necessary insulin and supplies. Premier Pet Lodge reserves the right to take your diabetic dog or cat to their regular veterinarian at the owner’s expense if we feel they are not in good general health. Geriatric pets are accepted with limitations set by Premier Pet Lodge. If your pet has recently had any type of major procedure or surgery, Premier Pet Lodge is not responsible for any changes in their conditions or incidents that may occur in regards to their procedure/surgery.


Parasites: All pets will be checked for fleas and ticks upon arrival to Premier Pet Lodge. If any are found, the pet will be treated immediately at the owner’s expense.


Behavior Problems: Pets will not be accepted if they show signs of, or have a history of, aggressive behavior such as biting, snapping, or lunging. 

Un-Altered Dogs: Dogs that are not neutered or spayed are welcome at Premier Pet Lodge, however the following rules apply. Un-Neutered male dogs are subject to an additional $10/day fee for excessive marking/urination indoors. Un-spayed females that are in their heat cycle are NOT permitted to stay for any services until their heat cycle is complete. If for any reason they start their heat cycle while at Premier Pet Lodge, there will be an additional $10/day fee for separate walking time. 

Canine Cough: Premier Pet Lodge is not responsible if your dog contracts Canine Cough during their stay at our facility. It is important to note that the vaccines used to prevent Canine Cough are not 100% effective against some strains. See this helpful article on Canine Cough to better understand the facts.

Puppies / Kittens: All puppies and kittens being accepted for any service at Premier Pet Lodge must have all 3 rounds of the required vaccinations completed.

Cat Lodging: Un-neutered male cats over 1 year old will not be accepted for boarding at Premier Pet Lodge.


Accommodations: Premier Pet Lodge reserves the right to re-assign pets to different accommodations if they become destructive, overly aggressive, or disruptive. Luxury or Presidential Suites shall be used for 2 or more dogs. Standard Suites reserved for single dogs only.


Medical Attention: Premier Pet Lodge strives to provide a safe, stress-free facility for owners’ pets. However, some pets react differently to new environments and separation from their owners. There is even some risk that pets in the same family may engage in rough play and injure one another when staying together. In non-emergency situations (e.g., diarrhea, loss of appetite), we will contact the owner to discuss the recommended protocol. For emergencies in which urgent care appears needed, we will transport the pet to our on-call veterinary clinic and then contact the owner.


Boarding Deposits/Cancellation Policy: Premier Pet Lodge requires a deposit of $100 per pet per boarding reservation. Customers who cancel within 3 days (72 hours) or less of the arrival date, or those who no-show for the reservation will lose this deposit. Reservations must be cancelled with 3 or more days of notice in order to receive a refund of the deposit. For any reduction in length of a reservation impacting a peak season or holiday (New Years, Spring Break, Summer Break, and Winter/Fall Breaks, Memorial Day,  4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas) within 5 days of the reservation start date, a fee will be assessed equaling 2 nights of lodging or the number of nights being reduced, whichever is less. This fee is based on the boarding suite size chosen for that particular stay.


Damage Fees: Premier Pet Lodge does not charge a damage deposit, however, should any major damage occur in the boarding suites that your pet is staying in, we will charge a fee to cover repairs. Premier Pet Lodge reserves the right to re-assign pets to different accommodations if they become destructive, overly aggressive, or disruptive.

Pick-Up and Drop-Off:

BOARDING Pick-Up and Drop-Off Times are as follows:

  • CHECK-IN TIME: Monday-Friday 2:00-5:30pm / Saturday-Sunday 2:00-3:30pm  (Early Check-in before 2:00pm will incur a $15 fee)

  • CHECK-OUT TIME: Monday-Friday 7:00-11:00am / Saturday-Sunday 7:30-11:00am  (Late Check-out after 11:00am will incur a $15 fee)

  • Pick-Up after closing time will result in a $1/minute/dog fee. 

DAYCARE Check-Out:

  • Full Day or Half Day Daycare attendees must be picked up by their designated pick-up time or a $15 late pick-up fee will be incurred. 

  • Pick-Up after closing time will result in a $1/minute/dog fee. 

GROOMING / BATHING Pick-Up and Drop-Off:

  • You have a 1 hour window BEFORE and AFTER your pets' scheduled groom or bath time to drop-off or pick-up. Anything longer will result in an hourly daycare fee of $15/hour (minimum 1 hour).

Personal Items:

  • Please make sure all your pets’ items are marked clearly with their name and/or your name.

  • Food: Please bring your pets food in either prepared Ziploc bags or its original packaging. We do accept refrigerated items.

  • Medications: We can administer oral and topical medications for your pet. Prescription medications should be in their original packaging from the prescribing veterinarian or pharmacy. Please do not put any medications in Ziplocs. All dosing instructions should be uploaded into your pet’s profile, and then confirmed when you drop off your pet for boarding or other services.

  • Bedding: Blankets and bedding are allowed, however if your pet chews on or soils them they will be removed for the remainder of their stay. We provide raised bedding and radiant floor heating for comfort.

  • Crates: We do not allow crates to be placed in the boarding suites. Our staff must be able to easily observe and monitor your pet’s health and behavior throughout the day

  • Toys and treats: Toys and Treats are allowed in your pets boarding suite during business hours only. We will not leave any items in the boarding suites overnight in order to avoid any incidents.


Leash Policy: For the safety of our clients and their pets, all dogs must be on a leash and under control of their owner when entering Premier Pet Lodge. All cats must be in a carrier when dropping off or picking up.


  • Deposits for Grooming & Baths are required to hold the appointment. Deposits are non-refundable if canceled less than 24hrs before the scheduled appointment. The deposit will otherwise go toward your total price at check-out. 

  • Deposit Amounts: Grooming ($50) Baths ($25)


  • Early Drop off / Late Pick up Charge: $15 an hour per dog. (1hr leeway)

  • Matted dogs will be charged $30 an hour for de-matting service. Consult our Groomer before your appointment if you are concerned about matting.

  • We reserve the right to turn away dogs at any time for circumstances such as aggression, sickness, parasites/infestations, medical de-matting, severe anxiety, etc. Under Groomer's discretion dogs may be allowed back under prescription aids.

  • All services must be scheduled in advance including Nail Trims and Teeth Cleaning.

  • Guests must provide contact information for Person(s) picking up Dog(s).

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