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Your main purpose is to provide an amazing haircut for dogs!

  • Groom, trim nails

  • Wash and Dry any towels used

  • Maintain clean grooming area

  • Restock commonly used products like shampoos, etc


Daycare Attendant

Your main purpose is to play with dogs all day! 

  • In charge of daycare classes and keeping pets safe

  • Provide enrichment and fun for all daycare attendants

  • Maintain clean daycare space at all times

  • Kennel any daycare attendants that are too rowdy or not getting along with remaining class

Dogs with trainer

Pet Lodging Attendant

Woman with Furry Friends

Your main purpose is to make sure all pets are comfortable and safe in their boarding space, to let them out to potty and exercise, and to keep all kennel areas and outdoor yard space tidy at all times. 

  • Let dogs out to potty in designated areas

  • Clean kennel while they are outside

  • Refresh water, food, bedding, etc as needed

  • Maintain clean kennel hallways and other kennel areas

  • Inform owner of any unusual events or concerns with pets

  • Clean cat condos while they exercise within the cat boarding room

  • Maintain clean cat condo area at all times

  • Restock frequently used supplies - food, litter, cleaning supplies

  • Maintain clean yard area 

  • Wash and dry any towels, bedding, etc

  • Wash water and food bowls daily

Client Service Specialist

Girl Hugging her Dog

You are the first person someone sees when they walk in the door. Your main purpose is to provide an exceptional experience for anyone walking in the door or calling on the phone. 

  • Greet customers

  • Answer phone calls

  • Schedule services on our Gingr app (raining provided)

  • Walk animals to and from their boarding spaces, daycare area, or grooming area. 

  • Keep front lobby tidy


Please email us your resume and the
position you are interested in.


Your main purpose is to thoroughly bathe dogs. 

  • Bathe, dry, brush out, trim nails any dogs signing up for a bath that day

  • Understand that different breeds and coats of hair require different amounts of shampoo, drying, and brushing

  • Confirm with receptionist any dogs that need a bath that are going home from boarding

  • Maintain clean bathing area at all times

  • Restock items such as shampoos, conditioners, other cleaning products, towels

  • Wash and dry towels used 

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