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Doggy Dangers!

Halloween can be a very stressful holiday for your dog. Strange looking creatures come to your house, ring your doorbell or knock and scream “Trick-or-Treat!”. This can cause your dog some anxiety. Even dogs who love people could find this particular day unpleasant.

Things that you can do to help alleviate stress may be:

- Putting your dog in their crate or a separate room. It's best if one person can stay with them while someone else answers the door.

- Giving your dog a calming supplement before trick or treating begins.

- In some situations the level of stress may vary and prescription meds might be required.

- For dogs that are reactive or aggressive it's best to keep them confined to a room, kennel, or basement where stimulation levels are lower. (in some cases a bowl on the porch or not participating at all is the better option)

Keep in mind your children will be bringing home candy. Some candies can be harmful and even fatal for your dog. Be sure the candy is kept up high where your dog cannot reach.

Dangerous candy:


Bubblegum with Xylitol


Macadamia nuts

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